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Loïc Benoit
Exhibitions September

October 5th
Galerie Sophie...etc! 2 Rue Gambey
75011 , PARIS

The bling ring by 22 contemporary jewelers

BLING RING, a collective of jewellery makers, is presenting its eponymous exhibition, first held successfully in Lyon in June 2022.

The title and topic of the exhibition, BLING RING, is a pun referring to the hip-hop slang adjective “bling-bling”, that describes an ostentatious way of dressing. The artists are presenting their “bling” version of a ring. For the renewal of the exhibition in Paris, it will be enriched with new pieces especially made for this occasion.

This catchy theme is an excuse to have fun, to attract attention, but also to question today’s world.
About 60 pieces of jewelery will be presented at Sophie…etc! gallery.