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Exhibitions October

October 12th
Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner 43 Av. de Villiers
75017 , PARIS

Tierstein is a duo of artists composed of Zoé Kiner-Wolff and Manon Pourcher. Tier for animal and Stein for stone, this word discovered at the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle in Alsace weaves a link between our artistic universes. Thus, in each piece we mix our favourite materials – keratin and mineral – which we collect and assemble in a reflection on the living and the body. Halfway between animals and stones, the Tiersteins are hybrid object-beings.
Our first exhibition will take place at the Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner, as part of the Parcours Bijoux 2023.


tous les jours sauf le mardi


Vernissage 12 oct de 17h à 21h (Gratuit sur invitation)

Ateliers démonstration:

sam 14 oct/dim 15 oct/dim 29 oct – à partir de 14h

Tarifs: 6€/4€

Billet jumelé Musée Gustave Moreau:

11€/9€ en période d’ exposition

9€/7€ hors période d’exposition

Réduction et gratuité sous conditions