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sublime secretions

Marine Billet, Marina Rehbinder
Exhibitions October

October 5th
Galerie Anne Marie Zahar 25 Rue des Grands Augustins
75006 , PARIS

Two artists fascinated by the body and driven by the desire to talk about its beauty, its genius, and these taboo fluids, these unloved, shameful secretions: sweat, sebum, saliva, tears, lymph, blood, urine, sperm…Marine Billet works to reveal this hidden face in its beauty. Her jewelry reminds us of the vitality of these fluids that drive us. They accompany us in their taming. Marina Rehbinder is interested in tears, which we have been taught to hide as a sign of vulnerability and weakness. Her jewels tell of the tears that wash, repair, celebrate. Jewels that speak of the body and and what goes on in it, what is hidden in it, what comes out of it.



Vernissage 5 oct de 18h à 21h

Atelier performance moulage du corps samedi 7 et dimanche 8 octobre 12-20h