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Attitude and protect

@arna_gna, Gallery & ShowRoom Geneviève Bonieux
Exhibitions October

October 4th
Galerie & ShowRoom Geneviève Bonieux 32 Rue de Lappe
75011 , PARIS

The necklace is a protection and statement piece, they are linked to my art in my search for the unseen and unexplained powers of intuition. The reality of my world is where artwork, wearables, fashion and jewelry are blurred.
Wearing it with confidence gives it powers and magic. With it anything’s possible. Making them with a ritualistic process, that includes time consuming crochet and sewing, rolling, burning and dipping. Natural fibers are used, such as silk thread, wool, and cotton, sewing, beading with metal and glass beads, nature stone and crystals. They include also vintage nylon stockings filled with wool and soaked in wax. Magical, Mysterious and Elegant.


lundi au dimanche 13h-19h

Vernissage 4 oct de 16h à 20h

Finissage 14 oct de 16h à 20h