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An event entirely dedicated to jewellery

The 4th PARCOURS BIJOUX is taking place in Paris in October 2023.

The D’un bijou à l’autre association organising the event is aiming to give a boost to contemporary jewellery by raising its profile and enhancing its international reputation.

Contemporary pieces cannot be defined by normal jewellery categories. They are independent, fully-fledged objets d’art, and though they may flirt with the world of luxury and fashion, they still have that aura of the indomitable.

Before seeking to be “desired” as wearable or categorised objects, contemporary jewellery exists in its own right. For it is born of the meeting between thought and material, gesture and tool. It is implicitly imbued with a meaning, a history, an identity. So whether or not it is worn, it represents a message, an intention and a question mark.

This singularity arises from the work carried out by artists, craftsmen and visual artists, who become creators through the expressive originality of their approach.

Though the movement has a limited audience as yet, contemporary jewellery is gradually emerging through the strenuous efforts of gallery owners and the designers themselves.

The PARCOURS BIJOUX initiative arose in 2011 from a meeting between designers faced with a dearth of dedicated structures, who were seeking to boost this emergence and stimulate the economy of this form of expression.

For over ten years, the voluntary work of D’un bijou à l’autre’s members has enabled PARCOURS BIJOUX to continue existing.

A positive ecosystem of committed players has developed around the event, and the participating galleries, museums and institutions have made PARCOURS BIJOUX a firm feature of the city’s cultural scene.

In 2023, the international call for projects involves numerous designers from all over the world, as well as some not actually involved in jewellery who have been inspired to take an open-minded look at this discipline.

We are delighted to be able to offer an opening to those striving to build, innovate, invest in and take risks on behalf of contemporary jewellery, while providing visitors with a broad overview.

With each of the scheduled events, we hope you will join us in celebrating other facets of jewellery: “expression” jewellery, “engagé” jewellery and jewellery “d’auteur”, otherwise known as contemporary jewellery.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris between 2 and 29 October at the venues participating in PARCOURS BIJOUX.


D’un bijou à l’autre association


D’un bijou à l’autre is a non-profit association founded in 2011 to support and organise public events on jewellery in all its forms: exhibitions, seminars, conferences and publications.

It brings together contemporary jewellery professionals and independent visual artists representing French jewellery associations including Corpus, La Garantie and Précieux Passages. They are all involved in promoting contemporary jewellery, and some for several decades.

In view of making contemporary jewellery an intrinsic part of today’s jewellery scene, in 2011 the DBAL association launched an international call for projects to create “Circuits Bijoux” in partnership with Ateliers d’Art de France. This event took place in Paris between September 2013 and March 2014.

In 2017, encouraged by the success of this initial experience, the association laid on PARCOURS BIJOUX, and consolidated the triennial event in 2020 with the third in the series.

D’un bijou à l’autre devised, produced and organised this major project on a voluntary basis. It was made possible through the energy, good humour and commitment of each of its members, and the participating jewellers, institutions and galleries that created or supported projects.

D’un bijou à l’autre

Current team :

Andrea Piñeros – President
Agnès Dubois – Secretary
Claire Wolfstirn – Treasurer

Amira Sliman, Anne Milbeau, Caroline Volcovici, Clémentine Despocq, Damaris Durlleman, Franck Massé, Galatée Pestre, Marianne Anselin,  Marion Colasse, Stella Bierrenbach. 

Friend members :

Ana-Carolina Escobar, Aude Medori, Brune Boyer, Catherine Le Gal, Céline Sylvestre, Dani Soter, Isabelle Busnel, Jordane Somville, Laurence Verdier,  Larissa Cluzet, Nathalie Perret, Sonia Ledos, Sophie Bonnet, Toktam Nourkeyhani, Ulrike Kämpfert, Valentine Herrenschmidt. 

D'un Bijou à l'autre