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October 13th
Galerie Ronald Wrong 46 Rue des Vignoles
75020 , PARIS

I am in possession of a piece of Suberium, a material that doesn’t exist on Earth. I conducted an in-depth chemical and crystallographic study and discovered its promising potentialities as well as its journey. Exhibited for the very first time as a counterpoint to an exceptional mineralogical collection, Suberium shows a transition from a cosmogony to an other by stopovering on Earth, from an unknown and nebulous future to its natural attraction to the metaverse orbit. A crafted Suberium Power Necklace (Collier de la Force) values the remarkable qualities of this material of a new kind, questioning imitation and substitution materials in jewellery.



Nocturne Fridays until 8:30pm

Vernissage Oct 13 from 6pm

The Suberium voyage : Narration by Axelle Perrault de Jotemps

Alternative materials in jewelry: Conference by Aude Bramoullé

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