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Exhibitions October

October 5th
Bureau du design, de la mode et des métiers d’art – Les Ateliers de Paris 30 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine
75012 , PARIS

With backgrounds in craft, design and science, our collective of Ateliers de Paris residents offers you the chance to see jewellery in a large format!
This installation is composed of a multitude of brooches, inspired by the living world. Animal, plant and mineral respond to each other in the manner of an ecosystem. Each brooch is designed as a sculpture, a pretext for exploration and collaboration.
This interactive and evolving exhibition invites the visitor to contemplate a painting, to get closer and to consider each piece, appreciating its textures and colours. They will also be able to take ownership of a part of the work by acquiring one or more brooches.


lundi au vendredi 11h-13h et 14h-19h
samedi et dimanche 11h-19h
Vernissage 5 oct à partir de 19h