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We found each other in a world of Mumbo Jumbo

Exhibitions October

October 5th
Atelier Néerlandais 121 Rue de Lille
75007 , PARIS

Not knowing where to meet as artist strangers nearly 400 km apart, from Paris to Hoofdplaat, they finally met at a crossroads in a mechanised world, a world of Mumbo Jumbo – i.e. a phrase, a language, or intended to cause, confusion or bewilderment, a maze of legal rigmarole. Isn’t that the world we live in? An established legalised system of parts working together like a machine with a naturally established process birthing voiceless individuals, industrialised production in disharmony with nature? With this motive as their theme, each individual artist will demonstrate in their own voice the story of this hocus pocus chain reaction using their own choice of material; wood and ceramics.


tuesday to saturday 11h-17h

closed sunday and monday

Vernissage 5 oct  15h-19h

Finissage 13 oct 17h-20h