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Alma Matter

Léo Sexer
Exhibitions October

October 10th
Atelier Véron 31 Rue Véron
75018 , PARIS

When her grandmother died, Damaris Durrleman got hold of some silver cutlery. Their history was unknown; in a family marked by the sufferings of war, one did not speak of the past. She wanted to give them a second life, a new meaning, by creating a piece of jewellery for each member of her family. By combining her two worlds, design and jewellery, she created a unique piece of jewellery for each person, embodying in the material the specific memories that were shared with them. An element of randomness has been introduced into each piece, and a fragment of the past object preserved; reflections of the randomness of life as it renews and perpetuates itself.


Monday 2 pm – 7 pm

Tuesday to Friday 11am-7pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am-8pm

Opening Oct 10 from 6 pm