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marabout, bout de ficelle...

Exhibitions October

October 10th
Calligrane 6 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
75004 , PARIS

We start by composing a children’s counting rhyme.
As we think up each line, we link it to the next by repeating the last syllable in the preceding phrase, and so on….
A somewhat zany idea, but a lot of fun to do.

And then we attempt to apply the same principle to a set of jewelry.
We create an initial piece, then a second that contains elements of the preceding piece, and so on…

In addition to materials, a series of ideas will flow on from one piece to the next.
The rhythm will depend on changes in scale, on the multiplicity of forms, colors and materials…
the goal being to ensure that a visual rhythm will accompany the sonic rhythm.


Edith Bellod


mardi au samedi 12h-19h

Vernissage 10 oct à partir de 18h