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En Boucle

Exhibitions October

October 13th
Rues de Paris Paris

En Boucle is a festive, interactive, and mobile exhibition created by the collective Big Bijou, which travels through Paris streets with their tricycle gallery. The artists explored the chain in different forms, such as the mechanical chain, the food chain, and the human chain.

Through an interactive device the collective opens up contemporary jewelry to the public space, inviting passers-by and visitors to share a fun moment around their passion for big jewelry.
Follow their journey in real-time on Mapstr app (@bigbijou) and on Instagram (@collectif_bigbijou). You can also reach the artists at and meet them in person to discover the exhibition and try on a set of loops.


Previews and events on Instagram @collectif_bigbijou

Follow the route and location on the Mapstr application @bigbijou

Strolling days: 13,14,15 october  and  20,21,22 october

For more information, contact Big Bijou on