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Bijoux de la Nature

Exhibitions October

October 6th
Galerie Lupe 8 Rue Crozatier
75012 , PARIS

Through the collective exhibition “Bijoux de la Nature”, the artists Luis Tolnay, Mathilde Pasquali and Alyse Chan are willing to pay tribute to mother Nature – An ultimate inspiration and muse for humans, yet very much fragile and under great threats. Jewelry as a media, the artists are questioning the relationship between us and this world, together with the pure wonders that nature offers. They’d like to discuss the sentiments nature could bring to humans, plus the necessity of preserving this treasure.

More than just a decorative object, jewelry is also an evidence that sublimizes and immortalizes Nature, within the interpretation of artists from different origins and eras.


lundi au vendredi 10h30-18h30
samedi 10h30-17h30
dimanche sur rendez-vous
Vernissage 6 oct 14h à 21h30